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Fees & Services

*Please remember, I do not accept any insurances other than Medicare and its supplements.

*Medicare recipients do not pay the Monthly Fee.

*The monthly fee can be paid by cash, check, credit,

debit and HSA accounts.

*By not taking insurance, I do not have to adhere to their rules and regulations, allowing for the ability to give better care to my patients.

Avalon Primary Care, PC

Monthly Fees

    Age/Price per Month  

Infant to 25yrs old

$40 without a parent or sibling member

$20 with a parent or sibling member

26yrs to 64yrs

$70 Per Person

Medicare Recipients at Any Age

No monthly fee

I accept and bill Medicare and Medicare Supplements

(deductibles and co-pays may apply

Family Rates  (Monthly) 


2 Parents and 2-3 children              $160

2 Parents and 4+ children               $190

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

Included in Membership​

$75 for non-members

One Time Consultation

$30 for children to 25yrs

$70 for all others

CDL and Professional SCUBA Diving Physicals  

$85 for members

​$110 for non-members

Weekend Care (If I need to come into the office)

$50 For All Ages


Home Visits (For Established Patients Only)

$75 (Not After Dark)





Included In The Monthly Fees  

  • Annual Wellness and/or Complete Physicals

  • All Well Child Exams

  • Sports and or Driver's Physicals

  • All Sick Visits

  • "Counseling" Visits and other Discussions

  • Medicine Checks for Chronic Illnesses such as Heart Disease and Diabetes

  • Procedures including:

    • skin lesion removals

    • large joint injections

    • allergy shots (Once developed by Allergist)

    • sutures of simple wounds

    • splinting for injuries

    • other simple procedures

  • No extra charge for paperwork such as FMLA or disability papers

  • Significant discounts on common medications

  • Significant discounts on lab testing

  • Finding the best rate for xrays and other studies



·        30-60 Minute Appointments to discuss your health!

·        Access to YOUR Physician and Health Team via      phone, text, email and video!!!

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